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Friday, 16 January 2015 18:18

Aerial Photography

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I'm very excited to show you the amazing shots aerial photography and videography can capture. We use a complex aerial system to get the smoothest, most incredible aerial photos and videos possible. I take pride in combining the latest technology with years of experience to provide you with amazing aerial videos and photos for:

  • Corporate Videos
  • Residential and commercial planning. Site surveying.
  • Real Estate
  • Golf course flyovers
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Television Shows
  • Corporate Videos
  • Construction
  • Films & More!

Applications of Aerial Photography & Video    

Think your company has no use for our remarkable videos? You would be wrong! There are so many uses for aerial videos and photographs – for all types of companies and organizations. Your company can use our high-quality video to produce affordable, professional commercials, training videos, print ads, and promotional materials. Other companies who benefit from aerial cinematography include resorts, farmers, real estate agents, and anyone who wants high-quality video from a variety of angles.

Benefits of Aerial Cinematography & Photographs

Through the use of our compact, unmanned aerial platforms we are able to go from ground level up to 600 feet and up to 20 mph! This allows us to capture angles that are nearly impossible with manned aircraft! Other benefits include:

  • Safe & Reliable Filming
  • Low Noise Pollution
  • Less Expensive than Manned Aircraft
  • Smaller Size Allows for Better Angles
  • Able to Fly Lower
  • Breath-Taking Shots!

How Radio Controlled (RC) Aerial Photography Works

All Aerials are flown using visual line-of-sight. This means our RC Heli-Pilot controls the aircraft by looking directly at it. Our Camera system then sends a video link to our ground station where our director of photography directly controls the camera’s direction, focus, iris and zoom to ensure a quality shot.

We also have the ability to program in waypoints that allows our Quadcopter to fly to precise locations or in a precise pattern. These way points can be saved and that allows us to fly the same pattern in the summer, fall and winter to give you amazing photos and video during the changing seasons.

Ready to take your company’s marketing to the next level? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for high quality aerial film and photography today!

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