Frequently Asked Questions


How do I order on photo day?
“Forms are handed out to schools/leagues before photo day. Children that intend on purchasing photos should have completely filled out forms with payment included with them when coming up to have their pictures taken.”

Can I pay later?
“Orders received on photo day should have payment included, if unable to provide payment that day; orders can be placed online at a later date”

Can I order online?
“YES! Photos from your school or league will be posted on our online storefront within 7 business days. Orders can be placed anytime after that. Here is a link to our online storefront.”

Order Problems:

Where’s my order?
“At the height of the season; photo orders may take as long as 3-4 weeks. If not received during that time; please reach out for further assistance by contacting us at Please include your player’s full name, school and team name.”

Our teammate received their order and we don’t have ours?
“Some products are able to be processed and mailed much more quickly than others. Items such as Press Books, Memory Mates, Buttons and Magnets have longer processing times and are mailed as soon as possible. Orders often go out staggered; all items should be received within the timeline listed above.”

Senior Banners:

Please talk to coach/team members before photo day. Players or teams interested in purchasing senior banners should be placing all orders on photo day. Banners are very timely to produce and proper processing time is pertinent to receiving orders on time. Placing orders late will result in large rush fees if even possible to receive them in time.

Common Problems that cause order delay:

Forms not filled out properly:
“ Forms need to be filled out completely; this includes jersey numbers and level of play- i.e. Brewer Girls soccer, JV or Reeds brook Boys soccer A team. The level your child is playing is pertinent to orders being correct and being received in appropriate time.

Missing Payment:
“Incorrectly written down credit cards, cards not going through or missing payment will cause significant delay in your order. Please make sure to write legibly and include payment with your form. Credit cards will be run within a few days of orders being received.”

Wrong Address:
“Please make sure that your correct mailing address with apt numbers if required are written on the forms. All orders are mailed and not delivered to the school. Permanent address are not needed and may cause your order to be returned to us resulting in a significant delay.”

Illegible Forms:
“Please be sure to write information on forms as neatly as possible. We understand you may be quickly filling out forms during photo day; however illegible forms may result in you receiving misspelled photos.

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