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General Licensing Policy
With very rare exceptions, all of the photos on my site are greatly reduced and compressed versions of high-resolution digital files or from original 35mm or (occasionally) medium-format film.

Available Rights
I can license images to you with just about any rights you require. I favor simplicity, with a single payment for a single use (although I'm very flexible on how broadly a given use can be defined, depending on your requirements). About the only restriction is that I usually do not license exclusive rights, because it's a lot of bookkeeping and it's not very cost-effective for me. In particular, I never license with exclusive rights for images in their Web format—in other words, if you just want to use a picture as-is right off my site (as opposed to a high-resolution original scan), I won't license it exclusively (but it will be very affordable).

In any case, you'll need to contact me with your requirements and we can work something out. I generally reply to e-mail queries within 24 hours, and often within 1-2 hours, if I'm near my computer when they arrive.

Delivery Methods

I deliver electronically, as a general rule. I do my own scans, and I've scanned many, many thousands of images, and the scans are of excellent quality. I can e-mail images or make them available to you via FTP. If necessary, I can send large images to you on CD (at your expense), although that is slower.

All of my original scans are RGB, usually 8-bit but sometimes 16-bit for the most popular images, set to Adobe 1998 RGB. However, I can prepare a file to your specification at no extra charge (except non-standard CMYK conversions, for which I charge extra).

Required Information
When you contact me to ask about licensing, please including the following information:
•    Identification of the images you wish to use.
•    Identifying information for yourself and your organization.
•    A description of your intended use, including medium (print, Web, TV, etc.), circulation or viewer statistics, reproduction size and type (half-page, full-screen, or whatever), expected publication date, and duration of publication (for media that require this, such as the Web).
•    Whether or not your organization is non-profit.
•    Whether or not your organization is a tax-recognized charity (and in this case, describe the nature of the charity).
•    The type of rights you wish to purchase.

Online Use
I treat online use as any other type of use. Licensing for print use does not imply licensing for online use; if you need a license to use an image online, be sure to tell me this, and include the following information:
•    The final size of the image you plan to use.
•    The number of unique visitors you expect will see the image over the period during which you'll be using it.
•    The period of time during which you'll need the image.
•    The context in which it will be used (that is, what else will be on the page).

Derivative Works
You need to ask permission from me before creating derivative works (paintings, sketches, etc.) substantially incorporating imagery from my photos. However, be advised that, unless your work is either a very exact copy of my photo or something that involves big money (such as an opening title sequence for a movie—yeah, right!), I usually grant permission for free.

For what it's worth, I have a really liberal attitude towards derivative works. Unless you are preparing a work that looks like a direct copy of my photo, I normally will not have any objection. This means that if you wish to paint an impressionistic canvas based on one of my photos, or any type of hand-made artwork that doesn't loook like an actual photograph, I'm not likely to give you a hard time; but it doesn't hurt to ask me about it by contacting me, and in any case, you agree to indemnify me against any actions taken by third parties opposing your work (in other words, if you paint something based on one of my photos, and somebody sues you over it, that's your problem, not mine).

Commissioned and Assignment Work
I sometimes do commissioned and assignment work for specific photographs. The price varies a lot depending on circumstances, requirements, expenses, and disposition of rights (work for hire, licensing, etc.), and it may or may not be higher than simply licensing an existing image from me.

Sometimes I'll take photos on request and license them according to my usual fee schedule if the photos are of a kind that I think might have substantial resale value (and if you do not insist on exclusive rights, of course).

For very simple documentary photos that do not have high quality requirements and can be taken digitally, I may charge only my hourly rate with a token fee for the rights you require. This can be economical if you only require, say, a picture of a Parisian mailbox or a photograph of the Seine from a certain spot on a certain bridge, and digital quality (1600x1200 pixels) is good enough for your purposes.

Contact me at 207-990-3456 or by E-Mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have a project in mind.